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Behind Gof Hotel, Nyayo Road, Marsabit

“...If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:31- 32”


God laid a heavenly burden upon the founder ever since he got saved and his thinking always while in primary school, secondary school and University was how Marsabit County will be vibrant spiritually. The problem that has disadvantaged this land before and since independence has never given him peace. This is because our life today is a product of the mentality that has been created in our minds yesterday. The greatest joy for Pastor Joseph Donche is to see the truth of God’s Word spoken and liberty seen in the lives of the people Marsabit County.

The people in Marsabit County are so much absorbed in their tribal cocoons and traditions which make them super selfish even in the way they relate with other ethnic groups in the area. People in this county are terribly tribalistic in their thinking so that everything about Marsabit County is seen through the lenses of ethnicity. Leadership in the county is determined by tribalism. Resources are also shared according to who is who.


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Ever since we were born, we have been witnessing tribal clashes. This problem has lingered for more than 25 years. We have been witnessing lives and property destroyed year after year. Many children have become orphaned, many women widowed, many husbands lost their spouses and thousands being displaced and dispossessed. It is very unfortunate that every seed/child that hails from this land, their mentality has been soiled with the same thinking. The old generation is only passing on that mentality to the next generation thus worsening the problem. It is unfortunate that even today, this same problem is what is still shaping the future of Marsabit County.

 There are Christians in the land who have never been privileged to get sound teachings of God’s Word to build them in the faith and to take responsibility of God’s Kingdom in the area.   The influence of the church is not much in the society and the leadership of the Land. This can be attributed to weak discipleship in the church. Saints do not know their role in the society  and  even those who have a clue are not waking up to confront the challenges in the area. The era of nominal Christianity has to come to an end in Marsabit County in Jesus name!

 Another problem of Marsabit County is the spread of other religions at the speed of light. In the last few years, we have witnessed the spread of Islam. Christians unconsciously forsaking their biblical values and operating in other principles. It seems like we Christians are not seeing the impending danger in the near future where our land is ruled by ideas that are ungodly.

An intervention from above must be enlisted. God has to come to our rescue. This is why Voice of Victory has come up as one of the instruments to offer a solution to the problem that is hitting Marsabit County hard! Our main purpose is to preach and teach thereby saving the Lost and Building  the body of Christ.

Voice of Victory has been on air since January 2013 on  Sifa FM owned by Trans-world radio and beginning 2021 February on BHB Chalbi FM.  The  programme runs for one hour per week  on Saturday and Sunday between 8.00pm and 8.30pm and  8.30pm – 9.00pm respectively. There is a cry from the listeners to have more time on air, as God gives us financial stamina we will have more time. But we are convinced beyond any doubt that God is giving us more partners who will stand with us in blessing this generation through the programme.

We know that the God who called us to this work will provide for us partners who will stand with the work and we will not only go back to the air but we are convinced and persuaded beyond every reasonable doubt that this program will become Victory FM in the near future in Jesus name. Amen.