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Behind Gof Hotel, Nyayo Road, Marsabit


Raising solidly grounded teenagers and the youth in God’s Word. (Col 2:6-7)


Teach, equip, train and empower Christian teens with the quality teaching of God’s Word for Kingdom service in our society. (2 Tim 3:17

Core Values

  1. Prayer
  2. God’s Word
  3. Disciple making
  4. Kingdom Service
  5. Missions

Background Information

Every successful believer as per God’s standard has to be deeply grounded in the Word of God through discipleship process. The church in Marsabit county seems to have neglected its primary mandate of making disciples; a command clearly stated in the Great Commission and as a result today there are more Christians in the church whose impact are very minimal or almost negligible in our society and unfortunately youths are among the most affected group.

School of discipleship was established with the aim of solidly grounding believers in the word of God thus building strong faith in Christ. This will help to bridge the gap that has been existing due to inadequate discipleship in our churches and institutions of learning.

This program commenced in 2015 after the founder, Pastor Joseph Donche, realized that there was a huge gap in ministry particularly the Christian Union students in High Schools while other faiths in the area are negatively influencing many of our Christians        students. At its commencement, the programme was reaching 5 High schools, discipling about 250 students with only one tutor. Currently, we are reaching 13 High schools with 8 tutors and over 1000 students in the discipleship programme. We have successfully graduated over 500 students with touching testimonies. The impact is tremendous and we give God all the glory.


  • Bringing teenagers and the youth into the right relationship with God
  • To raise well prepared and fully equipped followers of Jesus Christ.
  • To build capacity of believers to defend their faith in hostile Islam environment

Some of the problems we observed that necessitated us to run this program in High School:

  • Rapid conversion rates from Christianity to Islam.
  • Most of our girls married to Muslims and also some of our young people going for Muslim girls.
  • Muslims students overwhelm our students with questions which our students could not sufficiently answer and lack confidence to defend their faith.
  • Poor academic performance by Christian students due to lack of proper spiritual and academic models in their lives.
  • Some of students, who get born again from Muslim back ground, are abandoned by their parents or guardian and their fees not paid and put support system to stand with them.
  • Drug abuse due to lack of mentorship and customized discipleship program for teenagers.   


  • We partner with Kenya Students Christian Fellowship to do discipleship in high school. They have discipleship as one of their pillar which they don’t have manpower to do across the country and in particular in Marsabit County.
  • Discipleship courses are covered in four years, within the period the students complete High School Education.
  • We help the youth develop basic spiritual habits that aids their spiritual growth. These habits include Daily Bible reading, Personal devotions, prayers, Fasting and Witnessing for Christ.
  • We distribute printed basic discipleship materials yearly which we use as our curriculum for the year.  This discipleship material is taught uniformly across all the schools.
  • We have one hour teaching every week in schools (during societies). The students are taught by trained and equipped disciple makers who are also role model in spiritual maturity and academic achievement.
  • Every term we gather all the students from all schools under our discipleship program for rally and more impartation.
  • The students qualify for the graduation by attending at least 70% of class work and actively participating in all class activities.
  • During our Annual Graduation, we gather all the students from all schools and Seasoned ministers will commission the students and impart spirituals Gifts to them. Then the student will be awarded a certificate.


  • Most schools are in Remote areas with poor roads hence can only be accessed by Off road motorbikes. We currently have only one Motor Bike serving all the schools.
  • Most students cannot afford discipleship materials therefore we raise resources to meet this need.
  • In some schools, we have received minimal cooperation from Patrons who are not born again and have not prioritized discipleship programs to the students under them.
  • Our students facing harsh confrontation from the Muslims students with an aim of converting them to Islam.
  • Covid 19 has stopped our termly rally where all students come together and worship as a family from all the schools.

Our High School Ministry Team


Ernest Lemoile

Karare Mixed High School

Saku High School

Kevin Magare

Assistant at Jirime Girls High School & Dakabaricha Mixed High School

Christine Guyatu
Sasaura Girls High School
Abraham Soso

Dakabaricha Mixed High School

Dibayu Mixed High School


Pastor Mark Serengo

Marsabit Mixed High School

Gororukesa High Schools

Moi Girl High School

Patience Githinji
Jirime Girls High School
Joseph Mulato
Pastor Joseph Donche

Badasa Mixed High scool

Marsabit Boys High School

Gadamoji Mixed High School 

2021 Graduation


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