Join us to bring Sound Teaching to Marsabit County Fraternity

The Man of God - Pastor Joseph Donche, has divine mandate and call to reach out to all ethnic groups in Marsabit with the sound teaching of the Word of God on Radio. This is due to limited capacity of the churches to bring forth Sound all round teachings. With your Support Voice of Victory can easily teach different ethnic groups - Borana, Gabbra, Rendile, Samburu and many others getting the Sound teaching in the language they understand better and build the body of Christ as a whole in Marsabit County for the Work of the ministry.

So many of us believers around the world have desire to see positive changes caused by the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in this part of the world, but we lack time to cause this change due to the nature of career we are involved in or even distance. But you are able to provide financial support, prayer and Gift in kind. We want to give you an opportunity to partner with us in whichever form that fits you to realize this change through and with us.

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